Dorada Celebrates with new image

Compañía Cervecera de Canarias, known locally here in Tenerife as (Dorada) has launched a new Dorada Especial image to celebrate its recent quality prizes, awarded by some of the most important and prestigious international organisations.

The changes are illustrated in Dorada Especial’s new label and are a reflection of recent achievements accomplished by the brand. Tenerife Dorada has recently achieved the 2011 gold medal from Monde Selection, the International Institute for Quality Selections. This award is a distinction coveted by many Spanish beers, one which no other beer has been awarded, and it corroborates with the recognitions of Dorada Especial in two other editions.

This award is in addition to the recent recognition by the International Taste & Quality Institute, an independent organisation formed by chefs and sommeliers based in Brussels, which has given two stars to Dorada Especial in its ‘Superior Taste Award’.

Dorada Especial is one of the most emblematic brands from Compañía Cervecera de Canarias. It’s due to a careful brewing process made from high-quality ingredients and 100 percent selected malt, hops and yeasts. Also, its fermentation and ageing time are longer, giving Dorada Especial a more rounded body and allowing it to become a balanced beer, with 13 percent original extract, an intense golden colour and an easily recognisable taste of hops and tropical fruits.