El Escaramujo opens its doors

After a succesful 4 year stint running El Ladrón de Mandarinas (The Mandarine Thief) in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Jacobo Llarena has opened El Escaramujo in La Laguna.

He himself describes this new restaurant as serving “Traditional cuisine with a touch of creativity”, and represents a shift in his past cooking style back to more traditional recipes.  He always insists on using on the highest quality ingredients, ensuring that every single serving produced has the finest tastes.

With authentic Canarian dishes, mixed in with some of the more local dishes from Spain, and a touch of International flavour, the menu itself is well rounded, and nicely filled out by a large selection of local and international wines.

With a four course meal including wine and desserts running to around 25 euros a head, you’ll find the food reasonably priced.

Located in an old house just a stones throw from Plaza del Cristo, the setting is nearly 200 years old, and has a huge patio at the rear with a large bar on the ground floor.