Little Italy (Los Gigantes)

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Little Italy

Little Italy is a well known chain here in Tenerife. However, the standard of food and service differs from each individual restaurant within the chain.

I visit the one in Los Gigantes a lot, for the simple fact that the service and the food is delightful every single time.As you approach the entrance, you’ll notice that there is a large outdoor (covered in clement weather) seating area to your left, and a raised seating area to your right (which has only just been opened to allow eating within). We normally sit on the raised platform, purely for the fact that the seats there seem a little less crowded.

There is also a Parrot within the raised area, who delights with choice phrases as you enjoy your meal (don’t worry, everything he says is ‘family’ friendly). This is complemented by a Toucan by the entrance.

As stated already, Little Italy itself is the name of the chain of Restaurants, but the menu, service and quality can differ widly.

Some of the choiciest dishes available here are the steak with Chicken Liver and bacon, Roast Lamb (although you will need to ask for mint sauce should you require it) and the Fettucini of the house.

I also reccomend asking for some Champagne Sangria with your meal, it’s a delightful drink, and you can barely taste the Champagne – however, you can certainly taste the alcohol in it.

The bill, when it arrives is always well priced, and the staff are a delight to be served by. All in all, it is a charming restaurant with a great atmosphere, and one that you will not regret visiting.

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