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Mojo Sauce Recipe

There isn't 'one' standard Mojo sauce recipe, since everyone puts different varieties of ingredients into their sauces - however, they normally come in two flavours, red and green.

Red is the more spicy of the two, and you'll see why below. You'll note that we dont include exact measurements for each ingredient, thats for each individual to judge themselves!

Ingredients needed

For Green sauce: Garlic, Salt, Oil, Vinegar, Cumin and Coriander (or Parsely).

For Red sacue: Garlic, Salt, Oil, Vinegar, Paprika, Chilli Peppers (can be substituted for plain Red Peppers).

Cooking instructions

Starting with the garlic, place it into a suitable bowl and crush it up. It helps to slice the garlic into fine slices before putting it in, simply because it makes it easier to crush.

Once it's finely crushed, start adding the other ingridients. If you're making green Mojo sauce, then there isn't a lot more to do, other than serve it! It will keep for a couple of days after making, in the fridge.

If you're making the red Mojo sauce then you'll need to start adding in finely chopped Red Peppers/Chilli Peppers at this point. Add a handful to the bowl, then blend it all together (preferably using an electric blender). If needed, add another handful and blend again. This sauce once made, will also keep for a few days, providing you put it covered in the fridge.

These two Mojo sauces go great with freshly cooked Canarian Potatoes.

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